Check out the beautiful photos of the Sound Horse Conference 2009 taken by professional photographer Bobbie Whitman

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Current Soring Practices: Confidential Interviews

The Truth About Ending Soring (Donna Benefield, Dr. Midge Leitch, Dr. Tom James, Randy Luikart, Dr. Donna Moore.)

Standards of an Equine Drug Testing Program (Dr. Stephen Schumacher)

How Access to Information Can Cause Change (Lori Northrup, Will Walls)

Gaited Horse Biomechanics & Hoof Structure (Dr. Olin Balch, Ann Corso, Dr. "Tookie" Myers, Dr. Molly Nicodemus)

Future Plans of the USDA (Dr. Rachel Cezar)

Technology of the Future:  Detection & Enforcement (John Burke, Dr. Lynn Peck, Dr. Tracy Turner)

The Important Role of Media in Raising Awareness (Heidi Vanderbilt, Pat Raia)

Keynote Speakers on Humane Trends  (Pat Parelli & Dr. Robert Miller)

I've Seen the Light and Changed (Carol Camp, Dr. Pam Reband)

What Could YOU Do to Help? (April Zendarski, Keith Dane, Mary Ann Kennedy)