Madeleine Pickens


Madeleine Pickens,
an animal rights advocate, was raised in France and England. As the daughter of a British oil executive and golf enthusiast working in the Middle East after World War II, she tagged along while her father laid out the first golf course in Iraq. In 2005, Madeleine married entrepreneur and energy titan, T. Boone Pickens. In him, she found someone as passionate and committed to animal rights, land conservation and philanthropy as she is.

The couple has lobbied tirelessly for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. Their efforts, including testifying before Congress on behalf of the bill, helped lead the House to pass the bipartisan-backed bill to end the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

With her passion and drive behind her, in 2008 Madeleine Pickens embarked on her own journey to raise awareness of the American wild mustang. Her work calls for the establishment of a plan for the permanent retirement and care of these magnificent animals. Together with the Bureau of Land Management, she works to create what is hoped to be a tourist destination similar to our National Parks where Americans and tourists from around the world can come, observe, be a part of the wild mustangs and help to preserve their American heritage.

Madeleine and Boone Pickens divide their time between their home in Dallas, their scenic Mesa Vista Ranch in the Texas panhandle, and their home in Del Mar, California.